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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So based on the blog below I have decided to go "All Natural" ..well kinda. and just a "Side Note" Why is it that black girls are never satisfied or comfortable with their natural hair, not neccessarily saying that they need to have an afro and be pro black but a least sport ur real mane proudly. Im not tryna get in trouble here and Im not saying all weaves are wrong because I see plenty here on Hampton's campus and a few look natural but for then there are ones that are CLEARLY that of another being. And well,.. let me not say any more before I get sought out..

"Side pic" ^ of my artwork I did in Mr. Ampofo-Anti's Drawing class i did this in one sit in yet I cant seem to finish my painting which took about two weeks...*sigh* I just need to get a lil more creative with my shit..a ARTIST GOTTA EAT TOO....

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