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Sunday, March 29, 2009

3rd World Nigga....

Ok so my friend (aka Dorians roomate/ friend)  Khalid has been bugging me to put him on my blog lol ...so here he is Khalid Livingston a cool dude from PG county currently a freshman at Hampton, very musically influenced (he STAY dancing oh and he can sing but he probably wont let you hear him.) What more can I say except..ladies he's single...i think lol apparently he has a gf at home but nobody is really sure about that. And on that note im gonna sign out..(Khalid..i expect something for this like...food..cuz you KNOW i can eat) peacceee.... 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oren Lavie: Her Morning Elegance..cool ass video

So I was up 4:00 in the morning after coming from this club with this organization I am in called Obami Models..the place was so dead but it got OK later on (and when I say ok, i mean just that) we were tired and hungry afterwards...(and during) so we decied to go to ihop Liz and I shared a 5 stack pancake with strawberry syrup (yummm) before going "home"..I have to say it was an interesting wednesday night..or thurday morning? So now I kinda cant sleep ..just my luck..so since the tv was on i caught this little video it was really creative I thought..check it out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh the joys of spring

Hopefully spring will settle in and do what it's suppose to but for now Im just gonna dream

these outfits from urban outfitters are probably over priced but there nice to look at :>

And we partied like white people!

Saturday was exciting to say the least..I finally got my tattoo it's not the one I was telling you about although its from the same tribe. This one is called Dwanimen (Ram's horn) it means humility basically to remain humble. I thought it fit me well since I have been told I am a humble person. Dorians Cousin Eric was in town so around 3 o clock he picked me and Naja and Khalid up so we could go to Slamm Dragon (the only decent tattoo parlor within 10 miles of Hampton U) we waited practically for 4 hours but it was worth it. Apparently we got the best artist in the shop. 

Ok these photos are extremely small ..I need a real camera insted of this rinky dink sidekick...any way

Heres me Naja Lizz and David at the "party like white people" shindig, at first it was kinda lame but then after Dorian and Eric got into Beer pong people started rolling in.. it was alot of fun to watch, and even Lizz got in on the fun (with some random dude as her partner) lol.

Doesnt Dorian look so Happy? I was glad someone from his hometown came to lift his spirits he had a lot of fun..as you can see.

After the party Eric decided he want to skate for a few seconds lol.. Then Dorian decided he wanted 2 get his fireworks..so after he gets them from his dorm we go back to the skate park following this deserted looking road..we ended up driving over a cemetery...CREEPY!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mills Point and Ihop..!!!

Ok well I didnt get my tattoo,yet! but I shall..anyway Dorians cousin Eric is here for a visit so we decided to go to a party last night, you know to show him a good time. Since so many people wanted to go Eric had to make a quick trip to Mills Point before picking up ,me and Lizz. When we finally get there it's apparently in someones basement. They had that white light that made everyone have that bluish "glow" ...it actually turned out to be fun they even played some of my old school music like before I let by Frankie Beverly and Maze and Candy by Cameo..you know that song they play at the end of the best man and everyone is doing the electric slide...yea well :) after a couple of hours I started to feel sick,( I cant party for too long or else im done. We all decided it was time to go around 2. The car was crazy crowded I almost couldnt hardly breathe and Khalid kept talking the whole ride lol..by the time we were close to campus we all knew that we werent gonna be able to get by security  crowded up in this car so Khalid and Malik got out and walked a little bit so we could get past security. Old dude tok all of our id then dissappeared 4 like 5 mins. We pick Khalid n Malik back up and then at the last mintue decided we were hungry so were did we go..IHOP. :) 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Me Today

Good News!! lol so Dorian was caught but the security guard turned out to be cool he actually said "Why you got me out here running like that man" Surprisingly they were BOTH crackin up about the situation ...smh
Anyway..I have decided that instead of spending my money on clothes why not spend it on something that will last forever..a tattoo!!!
<= this right here to your left is a adrinka symbol from west africa..it is a symbol of the importance of learning from the pst in building for the future. PAST THE KNOWLEDGE..it's cute and meaningful

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey All..today was a good day considering it was warm and sunny (although that was soon over conveniently around the time i had to go to class but it was ok cause..CLASS WAS CANCELLED!..thank god) Which gave me some extra boo lovin time lol anyway earlier after lunch Naja, Me and my girl Moe from conneticut decided to do a quick photo shoot before taking a long needed nap....They came out pretty cute :) (Dont forget to check out Moe's new blog..its on the right under hot blogs, just in case you were wondering were it was) *wink*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do the running man..

Today, started out like any other day..I actually woke up early and went to eat with Dorian and then went to the Library to get some work done. After the library I met with Dorian again to go to English class. Luckily class ended early so that we can go to battle of the states(for freshman week) After eating at the caf with Khalid, David, and Malik we all parted ways but planned to meet up at ogden later on. Now at odgen you have to wear your "church clothes"... aparently someone gave wrong info saying we didnt have to wear ogden attire.(remember this for later on) anyway I see Naja and Shakari in front of Ogden waiting to go in. Then right before they let people in Dorian tells me that he left the tickets in his dorm room, fine its watever. After getting the tickets were joking around and looking at pics you know,, regular stuff. We get there and the people at the door are examining us..(like for real is it that serious?????) Well I was in ogden attire (you know, just in case) but Dorian on the other hand was wearing jeans, so ofcourse we get turned away although were still inside we told the lady we were going out the side door. At that point Dorian gets the bright idea to sneak upstairs to the balcony. Im just like "just change your pants!" Ofcourse he doesnt listen jetting upstairs thinking im behind him. The rent a cop go wild "hey when I catch you, it aint gonna be pretty" Im thinking their just gonna escort him out, so I text him "come outside" I go around to the front waiting for him (since I didnt have a ticket) . NEXT THING I KNOW...He comes busting out of ogden with his shirt off running from the damn Hampton cops....omg..his shirt, his cell phone, and the tickets were all out on the damn floor!! About 10 cops and 2 cars were following him..thankfully he didnt get caught..he was to quick for em'.Everyone was basically either trying to console me or  sayin "Get yo man!" However I didnt know what was gonna happen to him, I could not find him..it was like he was a fugitive. craziness.!!! Anyway after like an hour Khalid told me he was in the room. Right after that I get a call from who? Dorian.  Well this is certainly a story to tell I wonder how many other crazy college stories I will have by 2012..We shall see..but for now I'm just glad i didnt go up them damn steps or I wouldve been running right next to him (and we all know I'm NOT  a runner) When you think about it..like really think about it..this all happened because of a pair of jeans. And, thats Hampton for you..

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's your style?

Believe it our not..i use to HATE shopping....I hardly do it now considering that i am broke,, (yes I have said this before but its true)...i actually have 80 dollars on me thanks to my mom, hopefully I can go to the mall sometime soon before I ..spend it on food.(and you know I will).  Anyway... we shall see.

From NYC back to Hampton University!

So were finally back at Hampton after a 8 hour bus ride. This time around the bus driver drove extremely slow, like c'mon!. I felt bad cause Dorian and his parents were waiting for us to arrive so they can take us back to campus (That was so sweet):) ...The bigger dilemma in this journey was almost not making it to the bus station, Simply because the address was wrong! But we made it so thats all that matters (and I was so glad to be back.) missed my virginia Peeps

On our way to Canal Street, were we had to catch the bus..omg we totally got lost
                     At Najas House before leaving for Hampton the next day
@ APEX BUS station....we almost didnt make it ya'll
Me back in my dorm...sigh..college life, it's great!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A day on 34th street...and no where else

Greetings!!! Well today I went to 34th street with Naja and Lizz...as you can see SoHo was not included on the schedule, maybe next time. Anyway after waiting about 2 hours..we finally met up and went to Mickey D's for some food..(I was hungry as all hell). Since we are all pretty much..broke! we mostly window shopped instead.. the most I bought was a ring, a hat and a shirt all from H&M (oh and a number 11 on the Mcdonalds Menu). Good buys considering I was suppose to be looking for a spring jacket, which I never found :/ Sadly I dont know my credit card PIN number so I had to CHARGE IT!...and so, Basically our day was spent in H&M, Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Sephora, Journeys, DAFFY'S...and the R train going uptown and Queens,
Bus/Train ride: $ 5.00
Hat: $7.90
Shirt: $10.00
Ring: $4.50
Spending time with your close friends: Priceless!!
Right Now Im talking to Dorian, whose in Maryland. He's about to go explore this haunted house with a bunch of his friends....(Lets see how that goes..smh)

Oh and you cant forget the 10 dollar shirt..now for H&M, thats pretty damn cheap

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love is a funny thing...

                 I believe we were in love in our past lives as well...........

Makeover?..Not Quite

Just to add to the last post..I got my hair done! I decided that I wanted my color back. But the thing is..my grandma (I call her Meme) isnt here to do it. Now Meme has been doing my hair since I was a wee little thing..and for a while i didnt even know you had to pay to get your hair done. So since Meme has moved down south,.. this year being her second..I had to either 1. Do it myself or 2. Go to someone else and pay about..50 damn bucks. And since my hair is longer than the average Black female, they WILL make sure they charge more. Now when meme first put the color in my hair, it was bright as hell I LOVED IT! i mean my baby hairs were blonde. That was a big change from my dark brown hair color. It was almost my mother natural hair color which is a sandy blonde. I remember after I got it done Koplah's (My Hometown BFF) mother said "You dont look Indian anymore" I was hurt, cause Im proud of my Indian roots but it was Whatever btw (R.I.P Ms. Doe). So my new beautician does my color and lets say its not as "bright" as I would have wanted it, but im content..(Note:I will be redoing it in the summer though.) Then my hair could be big curly and Bright as the sun!

About that time.

Remeber that bus ride home?...well it's just about time to go back.. to School AKA Hampton University. My roomate Naja Pazant (Bronx NY) and Neighbor Elizabeth Frazier (Manassases, VA.. sorry Lizz i have no idea how to spell your hometown), are going to be taking that 7 hour bus ride back. I'm glad Lizz experienced the city life for a while, honestly we all needed a break from all the work that we get, and it is a lot. BUT! With only a little over a month left of school, i think we'll be ok. Believe me a week is hardly anytime to catch up with your peoples but what can you do..the plus side to this is that I will be able to see Dorian, my boyfriend who inconviently lives in another state *sigh*. Tomorrow Naja, Lizz and I are suppose to be going to SoHo to get a little shopping done, and when I say little, thats EXACTLY what I mean. remember..WE ARE COLLEGE KIDS!!. ..right now i'm trying to figure out how im going to get my CSC homework done before class Monday at 3:00 without the book...I shall make due, I guess. btw Hampton is literally in the middle of nowhere so until May first..I will be missing my Hometown.. New York City

SO I totally forgot about Top Model!!!

This new season looks pretty interesting so far, keeping in mind that there will always be a few cat fights along the cat walk. I am not surprised!! Same ole shit, new toliet. Anyway, so far my favorite one so far is FO because she's the only one I remember right now, especially with a name like that. What bothers me about FO is that she is FIERCE! (as they say) but she doesn't even know it. They cut her hair to about 3 inches and she freaks! girl you betta own it or next time you get cut for real! ....