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Monday, April 27, 2009

...and there was a killer on the loose

Being that these past 2 weeks are the last days of school... i haven't really been blogging as much as i would have liked. BUT a lot has happened so let me reflect. Well, this past weekend I went to the beach with Naja, Khalid and Dorian. It was the first time I had been to the beach since the first week of school in september, so you know I was hype!!. It was warm as hell outside so obviously, we weren't the only ones with this agenda. I mean how man hot days do you get in Hampton VA?...apparently, not too many. It was super fun, Dorian and I swam a little while Khalid n Naja listened to music. We even caught a crab and named it crabby patty. lol, cute right. Any way after the beach Tmac picked us up and took us back to campus where we were preparing to go to Morgans bday party at this hotel over the bridge. OK once we got there I knew that something was gonna pop off so me Dorian, Bryan and Naja got up outtta that biotch quick. Khalid and Malik decided to stay although later on they told us that it had gotten over crowed..plus a fight broke out. Well after leaving we were trying to decide whether or not to go to this other party on edin street..after idk 15 mins we go there only to find out..it was packed..literally a sweat box so we start heading back where we ended up catching Khalid n Malik. Khalid gets a text from Tmac saying there was a shoot out on campus.... WHAT!!!..He shot the dorm director..the pizza guy , then himself..I was scared out of my mind so i called my big sis. She told me and Dorian to come over because they werent letting pple on campus. The whole situation was horribly random. I dont feel safe any more. I was just grateful that I wasnt there because I wouldnt know what to do.( You never know what gods keeping you from.)Especially if I had seen both men on the floor in a puddle of blood, like Tmac did. No thanx. The plus side is that my big sis ended up making breakfast for me, Dorian n like 5 pple that were at her house..It was hella good! yum. Anyway check out the pics.it was the only good part of that day :/ sad...peace..R.i.P

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Today was a great day I actually went to church,...like im suppose to do. My mom mailed me this bomb easter dress so i was FRESH 2 DEF...I went to Dorian's church (first Baptists church of Hampton) and the service was pretty god, except the choir was weak. And I only say this because my choir back home in Jamaica Queens..is off the chain. Guess I'm just use to that style :) After church Dorians Aunt Odessa cooked dinner (Ribs, string beans, chicken, rice, potatoe salad, and bread pudding YUMM) I loved it (then we went to a fashion show for Storefront productions which was cool but it wouldv been better if KHALID had answered his phone n gotten us in for freeee) the day before was pretty boring other than us all hanging out in the dorm..Dorian even made an attempt to help me straighten my hair which Naja thought was hilarious and decided to take a pic. Friday night was the best because we went to Britneys house again..it's always fun going over there because it's chill time. Other than that..my weekend was pretty good. Happy Belated resurrection sunday..sorry i be-late sometimes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ok so im BORED....today was like any other thursday..I woke up at 10..ok it was 11 but whoes keeping track? I took a shower and got ready all by 1130.Then Me, Naja, Dorian and Louis went to lunch. After that me, naja and Shakari decided to watch 28 weeks later, but I feel asleep because scary movies arent really my thing. Then..at 4:50 Dorian and I went to english class. After class went to dinner and after dinner we went to a see a few short plays that were written and directed by students It was pretty cool I actually plan on doing this sometime soon,,maybe next year? Anyway ater Dorian and Khalid decided there wasnt enough room for me to go to wal-mart (the highlight of college students life) I came back to the dorm right quick n had a photo shoot with my girl/Roomate Naja. here are the pics

Monday, April 6, 2009

Black Bananas

SO it's been a while and A LOT has happened ( some of which I cant even put up here.) Im going to start on april fools day..it was a good day Dorian and I went to the vice versa fashion show which featured a hot ass dress made by my big sister Britney. It was a tropical green with cheetah and zebra print in the tail of the dress...you had to see it anyway friday was great because it was actually sunny on this god forsaken campus and everyone was feeling good. Dorian and Khalids friend Imani from PG came and took us all to the mall...(do you know I havent been to a mall in about 5 months..so Imani basically was a life saver) After the mall Dorian and I decided to go to Britneys house for a party she was having. Every one was a senior which meant we were the babies..and ofcourse they can tell. Anyway after mostly everyone left Me,Dorian, Britney her roomate and her friend Alex sat at the table chilling and smoking. I got really hungry n opened the freeezer to find...BLACK BANANAS...wtf? come to find out they werent rotten just frozen. Britney then decides to  make us some cut up frozen bananas with peanut butter...THE BEST SNACK I HAVE EVA HAD!!