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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know I know..its been a while ...again BUT! alot has happened, this past weekend was off the chain.Got a chance to see my girl Williann and we kicked it all day unfortunately Naja couldnt make it out. We ended up getting lost trying to get to the african B.A.M festival in brooklyn, we ending up going to south street seaport and watched random people walk by. There was this lady there singing the little mermaid real animated like, funny!

Anyway the next day I went to the festival with Joan and Chris..omg let me just say I miss home further more I miss this festival, I used to go with my trifflin father but that all stopped once we became estranged anyway it was just how I remembered it. As soon as I got there, there were people playing african drums and just jamming I was defitnitely in my element I swear, the whole time I was just wishing Dorian was there, he wouldve looveed it!. So I didnt get much except a black fist tank, a bracelet and ..thats it. Any way I kinda just started working these past two weeks and am bored outta my mind but im content..idk if you can be both at the same time but..its cool. Well thats it 4 now enjoy the pics and dont forget to check out http://solecinema.blogspot.com and http://lolitaroyale.blogspot.com SHOW SUPPORT!! :) Later...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chicken Wing French Fry

Yesterday my building had no freakin water...and so, and I had to wash with this bottle water

Before going outside to chill with my best friend Koplah. Since there nothing to do in Rochdale we just walked around and went to the chinese restaurant to eat some good old chicken wings and french fries with extra hot sauce and ketchup. yummmmm. Then we ran into my mom, since it was cold we walked back to my house so I can et my coat then went to koplahs house so she can change her shoes. (Why she wore heels in Rcohdale, i'll never know) any way turns out her boots have a big hole in the toe part so we spent most of the time walking back to my apartment, trying to hide her damn toes. It was funny because before going inside my building there were two guys trying to talk to us. So we literally ran away so they wouldnt see her foot plus, they werent to cute. After that little run in we just chilled in my room watching living single, I love money and Martin beefore prank calling my bf, Dorian. HAHA lets just say he passed the test.thank god, thats why I loveee me some him. Anyway thhat was pretty much my day or my yesterday, so far I've just been playing with Maddox the mischievous kttien. I love him he's soo adorable although hes a bad little boy, but we'll talk about that!...some other time. Peace and hair grease <3

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's day

Mothers day is in one day and I just thought I start celebrating early

Well, my mother Princess Adena Goins is absolutely the best I couldnt ask for anyone else. She has sacrificed everything to give me a nuturing and normal life and being that she is single mother, I believe she deserves the up most respect. When I become a successful writer/filmmaker/artist whatever it may be I will make sure that this woman reaps the benefits. She's just awesome, and theres nothing more to say.

Wishing a happy mothers day to other women in my family
My mother, Auntie Donna, and Auntie Wanda

Aunt Louise

and my grandma Meme aka Gwendolyn Sharpe

My Great Grandmother Beulah Mae Butler


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hooray! im finally home after a long 9 months in school. Unfortunately...im a bit bored. Aside from playing with my new kitty Maddox who iis soooo adorable, i have been home trying to either clean or write my book. Quite frankly, im ready to have some fun. Cant wait til Khalid and Dorian comes next month so I can show them around the big apple. Plus I really miss my Love (Dorian) so I defitnitely will be cleaning extra hard. To sum it all up in a nut shell, this is gonna be a long summer, but i wont complain, i know everything will be ok. Especially if I get a job...Which I need....badly...so wish me luck. Over and Out.

Mothers day is coming up, so give that special lady something good...like a recordable card..there pretty damn cool