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Sunday, January 31, 2010


you guys already know the deal. Yes i have been M.I.A but thats what happens when your a struggling black college student! Anyway I have come to a resolution....IM GOING NATURAL..again. I say again because I have gone through periods where I would just not have a perm for long periods of time but at some random moment I would convince my self that I would need one. Just because the shrinkage was unabearable at times and I would get questions like..

person: Did you cut your hair?

me: No

person: Are you sure?

me: uh...ya

yea so i had to throw a perm in just to be like see my hair IS long, but now I dont care and with my natural hair, (which is now in transition) my hair will be ten times healthier and with time even longer than ever! 

Vist my vlog at Youtube.com/kungfu4u90 to see my hair updates I will be posting up different stlyes to do for transitioning hair as well as dying your hair with UNSWEETED koolaid and conditioner. It shall be fun! Keep posted.

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