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Monday, May 24, 2010


So I have been faithful to my transition process to natural hair. In two months I will be closer to my one year perm free anniversary Im am soooo excited!... This process has not been easy I have research youtube video after YT vid and I still havent found my regimen however I just know im getting close. I have been using cantu shea butter leave in conditioner as well as organic root stimulator products. My hair has grown tremendously thick and even a few inches long. My goal is to be waist length by the time I graduate college. Im curious to see my hair at the length it use to be when I was young. I know with care and patience I will get there real soon. Maybe one day i'll have my crown looking like these young ladies below. As well as my idol Ms. Badu.

However, My mane is def on the right track though...for those who are in the transitioning process I pray you reach your hair goals and dont be afraid to let it all hang out!

Much Love

Monday, May 10, 2010

Zora Howard performs " Walking"

So I was on YouTube looking up random vids and came across this young lady. Her poetry speaks wisdom, I truly felt every word that came from her dome and through her mouth, it was awesome. please watch and agree that the society that we live in (or in some aspects) is not leading up to the expectations of our ancestors.


I have made a new blog http://xelaphotography.blogspot.com/ ...and this one is solely photography. I used  ملكة as the title. It means Queen in Arabic.I have it as a tattoo on the back of my neck because I believe it represent me as a young black woman, it is something i have realized about myself. It is also something we all as people should acknowledge. Being respectful of your body and yourself is equivolent to being a Queen as well as a King. On that note I would also like to point out that I created this blog because I wanted to connect to everyone with my own images. Since its already hard to keep a regular blog I figured it would be easier to keep up with this one being that I now have a working digital camera. :) As for now I am building it up so please visit and follow I promise it will be worth your wild!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Hair vid of Dorian I made over the weekend


you guys already know the deal. Yes i have been M.I.A but thats what happens when your a struggling black college student! Anyway I have come to a resolution....IM GOING NATURAL..again. I say again because I have gone through periods where I would just not have a perm for long periods of time but at some random moment I would convince my self that I would need one. Just because the shrinkage was unabearable at times and I would get questions like..

person: Did you cut your hair?

me: No

person: Are you sure?

me: uh...ya

yea so i had to throw a perm in just to be like see my hair IS long, but now I dont care and with my natural hair, (which is now in transition) my hair will be ten times healthier and with time even longer than ever! 

Vist my vlog at Youtube.com/kungfu4u90 to see my hair updates I will be posting up different stlyes to do for transitioning hair as well as dying your hair with UNSWEETED koolaid and conditioner. It shall be fun! Keep posted.