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Monday, May 24, 2010


So I have been faithful to my transition process to natural hair. In two months I will be closer to my one year perm free anniversary Im am soooo excited!... This process has not been easy I have research youtube video after YT vid and I still havent found my regimen however I just know im getting close. I have been using cantu shea butter leave in conditioner as well as organic root stimulator products. My hair has grown tremendously thick and even a few inches long. My goal is to be waist length by the time I graduate college. Im curious to see my hair at the length it use to be when I was young. I know with care and patience I will get there real soon. Maybe one day i'll have my crown looking like these young ladies below. As well as my idol Ms. Badu.

However, My mane is def on the right track though...for those who are in the transitioning process I pray you reach your hair goals and dont be afraid to let it all hang out!

Much Love

Monday, May 10, 2010

Zora Howard performs " Walking"

So I was on YouTube looking up random vids and came across this young lady. Her poetry speaks wisdom, I truly felt every word that came from her dome and through her mouth, it was awesome. please watch and agree that the society that we live in (or in some aspects) is not leading up to the expectations of our ancestors.


I have made a new blog http://xelaphotography.blogspot.com/ ...and this one is solely photography. I used  ملكة as the title. It means Queen in Arabic.I have it as a tattoo on the back of my neck because I believe it represent me as a young black woman, it is something i have realized about myself. It is also something we all as people should acknowledge. Being respectful of your body and yourself is equivolent to being a Queen as well as a King. On that note I would also like to point out that I created this blog because I wanted to connect to everyone with my own images. Since its already hard to keep a regular blog I figured it would be easier to keep up with this one being that I now have a working digital camera. :) As for now I am building it up so please visit and follow I promise it will be worth your wild!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Hair vid of Dorian I made over the weekend


you guys already know the deal. Yes i have been M.I.A but thats what happens when your a struggling black college student! Anyway I have come to a resolution....IM GOING NATURAL..again. I say again because I have gone through periods where I would just not have a perm for long periods of time but at some random moment I would convince my self that I would need one. Just because the shrinkage was unabearable at times and I would get questions like..

person: Did you cut your hair?

me: No

person: Are you sure?

me: uh...ya

yea so i had to throw a perm in just to be like see my hair IS long, but now I dont care and with my natural hair, (which is now in transition) my hair will be ten times healthier and with time even longer than ever! 

Vist my vlog at Youtube.com/kungfu4u90 to see my hair updates I will be posting up different stlyes to do for transitioning hair as well as dying your hair with UNSWEETED koolaid and conditioner. It shall be fun! Keep posted.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So based on the blog below I have decided to go "All Natural" ..well kinda. and just a "Side Note" Why is it that black girls are never satisfied or comfortable with their natural hair, not neccessarily saying that they need to have an afro and be pro black but a least sport ur real mane proudly. Im not tryna get in trouble here and Im not saying all weaves are wrong because I see plenty here on Hampton's campus and a few look natural but for then there are ones that are CLEARLY that of another being. And well,.. let me not say any more before I get sought out..

"Side pic" ^ of my artwork I did in Mr. Ampofo-Anti's Drawing class i did this in one sit in yet I cant seem to finish my painting which took about two weeks...*sigh* I just need to get a lil more creative with my shit..a ARTIST GOTTA EAT TOO....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Le Coil

Found this really cool blog that celebrates african american sistas!..and their natural hair. (Shout out to Christina! )The photos taken of these beautiful women makes me proud to be Black. Everyone should stop by and check this spot out, if your interested in the progression of BBP beautiful black people..you will be inspired


Saturday, September 26, 2009


So Im DEF feeling Jay Z's new album, blue Print 3. He has crazy swagga, as they say. Now you KNOW i am NOT up on the new artists today. I only know the few that I dofrom my roommate Naja. other than that I'm clueless, especially when it comes to rap (I have a selected few) one of the being Jay of course. He has shown maturity and class with his music and I truly respect him. I will be buying his new album blue print 3..COP IT!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank You Thank you Thank you ..your far too kind

I know I know its been ages , I do apologize. :) Im finally back at school from what seemed like the longest summer of my life. I have missed it here so much! Being back with my friends and hanging out like "old times" has really put me back in my Element. Anyway!! the first weekend was awesome!!! Dorian threw me my first bday/ college chill party and i couldnt have been more happier when I entered the room and everyone said HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! ..sighhh ..good times. Everyone looked so vibrant while enjoying Hooka, cards music and BURGERS. And to top it off we ended the night with,,,a slumba party :D there mustve been 20 pple up in that joint that night. I was way too Hott plus the air had shut off! or shut down..which ever way, it was hot!!.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So..yea...its been awhileeee

Alot has happen..so much that I cant even remeber most of it. Im in Charlotte NC with family right now I was in Mrytle beach for a few day previously but ill talk more about that later. Anyway about 2weeks ago i went to Pittburg to see my favorite Artist...MAXWELL!!! besides Dorian...thats my man..I love me some him :) his opening act was Chrisette Michelle and she was Fabulous i wouldnt mind seeing her in concert either. Well Maxwell was better than ever he sounded just like he does on the radio but..even better if you can pick up his new album, you wont regret it.....peace


NEW MAXWELL...BLACK summers Night!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Leighlita and Najalita ...another day in the big city

Me in front of the New York Film Academy in Union Sq.

  Najalita and I infront of the ...Door :)

In the hot ass train station waiting for the R


Still Lazy will post more later :)