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Monday, June 29, 2009

so this weekend was AMAZING (besides MJ's passing) Dorian ended up staying over my  house for two nights.I picked him up from penn station and from there we went to time square for a bit. He loved it. Oh btw he was looking GOOD! I was so excited. The next day we went to Madam Tussands and from there Soho and from Soho we walked to the village into a little festival which was great because Dorian bought a few things for his apartment. We then went to Canal street to look in pearl paint, then from there we went to south street sea port and saw a real rainbow, clear as day...and after contemplating about dinner, we finally decided to go to SEA i wanted Dorian to see this place,,i knew he would love it, which he did. And although we were stuck on the J train for 20mintues it was fun.So ofcourse I was sad when sunday came around but now i look forward to September, when i go back to school ;)....o and more pics will come im just being extra lazy, note the side ways pic!..peace

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wacko Jacko?...I believe his name was Michael Joseph Jackson thank you very Much!

So im sure everyone knows by now that the king of pop has passed and it was a devastating lost for not only his fans but the whole world. When I first heard, which was on thursday after lunch, I had just came off the train and i get a call from Koplah. So the first thing she says to me is Michael Jackson is dead. .......WHAT! i wasnt as shocked as I am now because it hadnt really hit me ..until today , and its sunday. But i hope now he can rest in peace and soon people can focus on the positive aspect of this man rather than the negative...here are some pics of MJ's memorial @ Apollo today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Abbey Lincoln..and other stuff on the brain

Well my mom started playing Abbey Lincoln again and I realized how much I love her music. Her album "A turtles dream" is boss and if you havent heard it, you should. Anyway, I have been looking forward to this coming week for about eh..a month now and it seems like now there will be a slight change in plans. Apparently Dorian will be staying in New Jersey and not actually NY so it kinda sucks that he has to try n find his way to queens. I dont know how this is gonna work I'm hoping everything falls into place ..and if it doesnt im gonna be even more pissed. However right now Im chillin with My mom and Joan watching my fav movie LOVE JONES!!!!! so..peace.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


In the car on the way to Brooklyn

With the girlies

lol So I shall explain.. this past Wednesday after work I went with a few friends to this restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn called SEA

IT WAS SOOOOOO HOTT! the set up was awesome and I was litterally in awe its the perfect little spot...im def bringing Dorian here on the 26th...PLUS they had them cool little globe seats that hang from the ceiling

AND..this is what I ate
Sea wings

AND..veggie rice..tryna be healthy you know?

and this Thai iced tea..which is bascially milk in hot tea, with ice :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was Almost!..R.I.P.. ing

So this past Saturday Koplah and I went to Willianns house for her sis College Graduation party. Koplah and Williann are both from Liberia a country in Africa, so its kinda a given that every body there would already know eachother...let me tell you, ALL absolutely ALL liberians know eachother its craZY! So to make a long story short..after telling Koplah since 11 o freakin clock that we should start heading home we finally found a ride. Unfortunately it was a woman who had a little to many to drink she was cursing and just a hot mess. Let me tell you ..she began swerving and we found ourselves on the other side of the rode. ummm Koplah and I jumped outta that car with the quickness once the red light hit walking back to Willianns house where we got a ride with her sis...which was the original plan..peace <3